The DJ Logo Dilemma

Ok so the idea behind a dj logo was once something that was reserved for the power players that we’re releasing international distributed albums and venturing out on huge tours. It was the farthest thing from the minds of most of your local homegrown beat slingers. So what’s changed?


With the rise of social media over the past 10 years, the entire way dj’s communicate with their audiences has changed. It’s not just about your set on a Saturday night, it’s about your engagement with your fans and followers. From Soundcloud & Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, your audience is watching and taking in your experience long after your set is over.

Your logo is the one true graphic that you can utilize over and over again across all of these mediums. It’s the fundamental piece of the online puzzle.


The Internet has completely dissolved the barriers local dj’s once faced. Your potential audience is massive and you can gain fans from the farthest reaches of the globe. This means that from the moment you first put up your Facebook DJ page your journey has begun. The same attention to detail that you put into your live experience should also go into your “off the decks” experience.

This is your opportunity to leverage the power of visual stimulation. Say something with your logo that matches the energy and creativity behind your music. Your logo is an extension of your experience and definitely don’t take it’s power for granted. Consistency here is key. A DJ’s logo that’s always changing or different on every social media page says something in itself, so make sure your message is consistent.


The whole process around promoting events has changed and it’s tied directly into the online world. A promoter who’s booked you for a show is looking for your brand to help push their own brand and ultimately provide the best experience for their audience both before the show as well as during.

10393702_10153310196461614_1134745564302956951_nTake a massive player like Shambhala Music Festival. This year for all of the dj’s playing that had their own logo, the fine folks behind the marketing produced individual graphics that each musician could use on their own social media profiles. This is about “cross promotion”. Promoters are looking to their performers to be an active participant in the marketing of their events. Not having the ability to help them with this endeavor ultimately changes your inherent value.

Most large scale events are also now utilizing video projection techniques and having a high quality logo goes a long way to boosting your chances of the promoter wanting to use it during your set on these screens. This in itself is a massive opportunity for your own exposure. Don’t be naive….there’s a ton of people in the audience who’ve got no idea who you are. This is a sure fire way to change that and the brand you put forth should match the quality and style of your musical experience.

So whether you choose to come up with your own or have someone like myself help you build it, hopefully this helps to provide some motivation to get one done up. Stay tuned to the blog as I’ll be putting up an article shortly on the fundamentals of creating a memorable brand for yourself. There’s more to it than opening up Photoshop and typing your name in your favorite font, trust me! Thanks for reading and as always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line: